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Our Eye Care Services



Elevate your vision care experience with our comprehensive services for optimal eye health and clear vision at Leevision.

Eye Exam


Premier Eye & Vision Care Center in New York | Leevision

How to Improve Vision and Maintain Eye Health . where we take care of your eyes with precision and kindness. 


Leevision Eye Care Centre offers advanced glaucoma treatment to preserve vision.

Protect your eyesight with modern glaucoma treatments, overall eye health through medicines and surgeries.


services Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery removes cloudy lens, restoring clear vision. Quick, safe procedure for brighter, sharper eyesight. 


CO2 laser equipment used for advanced eye care treatments.

A cosmetic procedure utilizing lasers to improve skin texture around the eyes, reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.


a white circular object with a black circle

Achieve clear vision at all distances with multifocal IOLs in cataract surgery, enhancing visual…


lasik surgery for eyelift

Achieve glasses-free clarity with Laser Vision Correction—a fast, accurate way to enhance your vision and enjoy life.

How to get better vision | Leevision

We are passionate about improving our patients’ vision. Our practice is staffed with well-trained medical assistants and a leading board certified ophthalmologist that are fully committed in restoring and improving our patients’ eyesight. We pride ourselves in providing the right and best solutions to receive the best results for our patients.


Our Team

Leevision’s approach is also human where everyone is treated with dignity and respect in a warm and professional climate. At the heart of its daily actions, it serves the population with humanity and provides superior quality service.

Leevision Eye Care Team - Dedicated Experts Ensuring Your Vision Wellness.
Martin shin
Martin shin
직원 여러분들께서 친절히 대해주심을 고맙게생각합니다 예약을 미쳐 못해서 전화로 문의하면 너무 친절하게 응해 주셔서 치료를 잘 마치고 기분좋게 나옵니다 닥터 리 예전 보다 한국말도 많이 늘어서 대화에 크게 지장 없습니다 다른 병원도 이처럼 친절하면 좋겠어요 추천합니다
DerrickNYSaxMan I've Lots of Sax
DerrickNYSaxMan I've Lots of Sax
Hi, I'm a writer (my pen name is Chiara Delon), and I must say that I was highly satisfied with my experience with Dr. Lee and his office. I went there because a leaf or tree branch blew into my left eye and irritated it on a day with very heavy winds. Dr. Lee did a very thorough exam and explained everything to my satisfaction. 5/5 star experience!
Jung Keun Lee
Jung Keun Lee
눈에 기름덩어리 종기가 나서 불편 했는데. 아프지도 않게 간단히 치료해 주셔서 감사합니다. 언제나 친절하게 치료해 주시고 처방해 주셔서 감사합니다. 백내장 수술도 잘해주셔서 시야가 잘 보여 너무 좋고 감사드립니다
qasim javed
qasim javed
I have been seeing Dr David Lee from last 15 years now and he is our family opthamalogist. He is very sophisticated and offers latest treatments and his entire staff is extremely kind. I highly recommend Dr Lee for eye exams and dry eye treatments!
Edward Park
Edward Park
The staff are knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. I have been able to receive the medical treatment needed to ease my condition. I recommend this practice.



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